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Weekend to myself

Hey all

It’s been a few days since my last post, and a major thing has happene.

I finally got the guts to come out to my fiancee, who took it much better than I had hoped. I was absolutely crapping my self before I said anything, but it turned out for the best, although she has yet to see me dressed as Mel.

The other big thing is that I have the house to myself all weekend, wich means, when I’m not at work, or out on saturday night, the rest of my time will be spent as Mel. Really looking forward to it.

one fina l note before I go. I have found that listening to certain songs have helped me come to terms with who I am and this particular one gave me the courage to tell my fiancee. It is of course Fleetwood Mac’s “go your own way” which has a potent message in the chorus to me

See you on the other side



Dressing-up fun

Hey all, again.

So i was sitting round at home, and decided to raid our fancy dress box in the attic, pulled out a few interesting costumes and tried them. Here’s the results. Feel free to comment about what you think, good or bad, I won;t mind ^_^


Quiet-ish weekend

Hey all

Sorry for no updates over the weekend, but thats probably the way things will be for a while as i’m only really dressing as Mel when I’m home alone (I still live with my parents) but as i have afternoons off and they don’t finish work till 5, and thats usually when the real me comes out so to speak. This weekend was a fairly quiet one anyway. Except for one point.

My fiancee and I had a blazing row Saturday night, she can sense i’m hiding something, which I obviously am, but i’m still to scared to tell her. can anybody offer any advice on how to approach this?

on the plus side, i’ve now shaved my chest which is a really wierd feeling, but makes me look good with the top i’ve got now that theres no hair poking out, i’m still working up the courage to shave my legs though.

Also this coming weekend i’ll have the house to myself as my parents are away, so I may just spend the entire evening as Mel.

Till later

Mel xxx

Good hair day

Well you may guess from the title that my wig arrived today, and oh my god. I tried it on with the jeans and just a t-shirt, and I started tearing up I felt and looked great. Heres some piccies for you to see what you think, again face is blurred though.

Secret Shopping

So I’ve just got back from braving the rain outside, and headed down to a cheapy clothes shop and picked out a fantastic top and a pair of jeans “for my fiancee”.

I’ve just put them on and feel absoulety amazing. I just wished I’d started trying this sort of thing sooner. As soon as my camera is charged i’ll try and get a pic or two up.

Til then take care

Mel xxx

*update* heres some pics with my new outfit and breast forms in 😀 Please excuse the chest hair, working on getting rid of it soon, and i’ve hidden my face due to reasons i’ve said before

New order

After the brilliant stuff I recieved yesterday, i’ve decided to use the same site to order myself a wig and some makeup last night, only this time on express delivery so i won’t have to wait so long for it to arrive, with any luck it should arrive tomorrow.

anybody got any tips for make-up usage?


Mel xxx


Smiling today

as you can gather by to the title i’m in a good mood today, becuase my stuff finally arrived. Came home from work and it was sitting there waiting for me. Haven’t tried it on yet, waiting until i’ve had my lunch and a shower before I do that. Will try and get some pics to put up later.

Yay ^_^

Mel xxx

*Update* am now wearing everything, and it looks fantastic, better than I could have hoped. Next on the agenda will be shavin off my beard and chest hair.