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Mel on film?

Hey all.

So, here’s the gist

I used to be a member of a website called Bragster, where you filmed random stuff and posted it online, if people liked it, you got points. No purpose to it, just for fun really. Anyway, that site has gone now, but i’ve recently joined a similar one called Imissionyou. So there was a mission/dare to make a music video, So i’ve spent all day filming one to Evenessance’s Bring me To Life, where Guitar hero characters come to life to play the instruments, and I was playing all four of them. Of course one of them has to be a girl, obviously, so I just donned my Mel gear and filmed myself lipsyncing, to most i’m sure it’ll look like I did it for the video to get a few laughs (hopefully) and if they ask i’ll just say I got the stuff from my plentiful fancy dress box.

Just editing it together now, so I can upload it to youtube as unlisted, then I may post the link here too, not sure yet.





Hey all

Wow, just typing that title made me realise how many of my posts are about my clothes, should probably cut back on that :S

Anyway, I just wanted to say how much fun I have with just the two proper outfits I have, it’s strangely liberating to actually mix and match things rather than just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt like I do in man-mode. Thankfully the red top I got the other day goes smashingly (I say, pip-pip) with my jeans, and looks a tad more casual than the green one.

I’m also finding myself getting more and more comfortable in Mel mode, even just with going out for the back garden ciggies. It’s relaxing to just slip into Mel after a long day at work , although I could do without all the shaving lol.

Unfortunately I’m still missing some bits, as I ordered some undies online the other day, and yes, good old Guernsey Post is making me wait for my parcel AGAIN. Only this time, gotta wait till 4. >:(. Ah well, ces’t la vie.


Oh, and I finally got around to downloading a certain app for my Iphone, and can now totally agree with this song

Chicken Run

Evening all

So today I thought I might attempt to get get myself a make-up kit “for my fiancee” from Boots. I made it inside the store, and just couldn’t go over to that section. My palms were starting to sweat and everything, so not to look stupid I made a beeline for the stairs and went up to browse the cameras on the top floor. I would ask my lovely fiancee to get some for me, but for some reason i’m nervous to ask her as well, especially she’s still yet to see me as Mel.

’tis rather frustrating. Anyway, i’ve gotta dash, got band practice in 20 mins, starting work on a Doors track that I just can’t get my head around, gonna be a fun two hours. Not, urgh, just wanna go bed.


Mel xxxx

and bring back the smile

hey all,

wow, what a difference a couple of hours make, I’m grinning like a mad fool. The workers finished sooner than expected and left the house just as I was leaving to pick up my package. So now i’m sitting at home in Mel mode while I can before my parents come home, wearing a lovely new top, my new heels, and a first for me, a pencil skirt (something I’ve always wanted to try on) and I feel fantastic. But don’t listen to me, jusdge for yourself

it also helped that a brony friend of mine saw my angry facebook status and sent me this. Gotta love Pinkie, almost as much as Derpy.

Mel xxxx

It’s been a bad day (please don’t take my picture)

Hey all.

Not having the best of days today. Sods law is in full effect methinks, anything that could go wrong, has.

Got to work just on time this morning, after waiting 20 mins for my car to de-ice, I’m one of those poeple who hates being late, so I was already in a bad mood. Then the ovens decided they wanted a game of silly buggers, wich for a baker is not a great start, and then the coffee machine in the shop decided to join in, shortly followed by the tills. Could already see the headlines in the paper “local man totals shop with a sledgehammer”.

Ended up finishing work half an hour late because we were so busy and a certain member of staff who works with us was too busy skiving by the cardboard bailer to come take me off the till on time. When I finally got out I discovered I had a wonderful flat tyre, on the set I bought two weeks ago, cut my hand open trying to undo a particularly tough nut too.

Now I’m home and discovered that, yes the outfit i’ve been waiting for, has arrived. Teh post office ‘tried’ to deliver it at 8.50 thismorning, and it won’t be available for collection until 3 this afternoon (it’s now nearly 1). Was the postie crawling on his rounds today?

Whats upset me the most is I can’t even go into Mel mode today because we’ve got workmen in the house putting in new windows.

Urgh, thats it. Tirade over, going to get some food and maybe have a rather large Morgans and coke to calm me down.

Mel xxx

P.S. The Boomtown Rats got it right when they said this.

My first transchat

Morning, afternoon, evening (delete as necessary) all

Justa quick post to say that I joined in with my first transchat on twitter today, and thoroughly enjoyed it.. Lots of interesting points were made, and I feel I have met some very intersting people tonight who’ve helped me see things in a different way. Special thanks to Jen over at We happy trans for mentioning it on the blog there, wich lead me to transchat in the first place.

That said, it’s time for me to head bedwards, it;s now 9pm and I have to be getting up for work in 8 hours (yes i’m that lazy, so sue me :P) Hopefully my clothes order should arrive tomorrow too.

Til next time

Mel xx



Everyday Musing, part 2

Hey guys, happy friday and all that.

So as promised, after my recent confidence boost, i’ll tell you a little bit about where I live.

First off, as you may know I live in the Channel Islands , but I haven’t said which one I’m from… yet. So here it is, and it’s an island thats about to gain a little fame due to Kenneth Brannagh filming over here soon, that’s right, the lovely sunny isle of Guernsey.

it’s about 25 square miles with a population of around 65,000. With that amount of people in such a small space means word can travel quickly, hence the reason why i’ve waited a while before even giving this much information.

It’s a  rather diverse populace, but as far as I can tell, theres no trans community, maybe it’s because people are a scared as me about coming out,  I don’t know.

if you want to learn more about the rock I call home, the wikipedia page is here.

So all that’s left is my song of the week, this one I love, and it’s by one of my fave youtube channels, and yes, it’s a parody, but check out the behind the scenes for a random and just a good version. Enjoy

Mel xxxx