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Inactivity warning

Hey all

just a quick post to say I may not be as active on here this week, as I’m flat sitting with my Fiance, and theres no net connection that I can find (yet) So I probably won’t be posting much, unless I come home during the day while she’s working (i’ve got this week off you see).

Anyway, I’m gonna try and use this week as an opportunity to show her Mel, and hope for the best.

So on that note, I’ll see you in a week or so with a full update

Mel xxx


quick update

hello again all

just a quick one this time to update you a little on my progress here at home.

So basically, following the advice of my therapist, I told a couple of friends about Mel last saturday, and I couldn;t have been happier with their reactions, they were so supportive and interested, a lot different to the pitchfork/torch wielding mob I was expecting.I’ve even sent them the link to this blog

Anyway just wanted to let you know how I was getting on (still not sleeping any better, but a week of next week should hopefully sort that out a bit) and , if they’re  reading this to say thanks again to S, F, and J (no names mentioned here, but you know who you are)


Mel xxxx


hmm, more clothing, unblurred photos, and a video??? D:

Hey all

So after almost a week and half of not posting, my second post is about, clothes again, really should talk about something else really.

Aaaaaaaanyway, yes I’ve been shopping again, this time with a difference, no online ordering, and no fiancée to accompany me. I was at work this morning and just thought “F##k it, I’ll go into the shop and buy myself something” so that’s what I did. I headed on down, and picked myself up a nice green short sleeve top and a denim skirt, and plain black male t-shirt (to avoid suspicion :S). All was going smoothly, no racing heart or anything, until I reached the till, where who should serve me but one of my friends, who I didn’t realise worked there. She didn’t say anything, just kept chatting to me normally, now I was beginning to sweat a little, and felt like blurting out something like “they’re a present”. I didn’t and somehow managed to keep my composure, but I breathed a sigh of relieved fear when I got into my car.

Anyway, here’s a couple of pics if you’re interested, oh, and I’ve decided not to blur my face out anymore, getting a bit more comfortable with myself, that should anyone I know find this, I might be able to deal with it a bit better than I would have a few months ago.

Next up I’m thinking of finally asking my fiancée if I could show her Mel tonight, she still hasn’t seen this side of me yet, if  , I think she’s more nervous than I am.

Oh, one final thing, You may remember in previous post I talked about a music video I made, well here it is. This is the kind of thing I enjoy doing a lot, acting, filming, and even the editing, even if it is only using windows movie maker. Let me know what you think.

Catch Ya Laters

Mel xxx



Been a while

Hey guys,

sorry for vanishing again, but it’s been a bit of a crazy one.

About three weeks ago I stopped sleeping well, and kept waking up three or four times during the night for half hour periods or so, so i’ve been to the doctor and he referred me to a therapist, more on that in a sec, but this lack of sleep has left me unable to do much during the day cept sit and veg in front of the tv, hence the reason I haven’t been active on here.

Now to my therapist (god i hate saying that). I have told her about this side of me, and her advice was to tell a few close friends about it if i’m still to scared to tell my parents. This is where I could do with some advice. Have you come out to any friends, and if so what were their reactions etc? would really help me out a lot.

Thanks, and speak again soon

Mel xxx