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Dream a little dream

Afternoon all.

So, I had the house to myself all night last night, as my parents are away in Malta for the week (all right for some eh) and my brother was off at a house party and staying there, so I thought I’d try something a little different. I slept as Mel. I put on my foam sleep forms, my wig, and a nightie I’d borrowed from my fiancée, and spent a whole night as Mel. It was an unusual way to wake up, but I think I had probably one of the best nights sleep in a while. The weirdest thing was, that I also had my first dream (that I can recall) where I saw myself as Mel rather than my male self, so the question is… does anybody else have this. How do you see yourself when you dream, because I’m finding this a really interesting concept, so I will be trying this again tonight to see if the same thing happens again (luckily I have excellent dream recall).

Anyway, that’s all for now


Mel xxx

P.S. My Song for the day is from my fave band of all time, The Barenaked Ladies


In the summer time…

Hey all.

So I’ve decided I’m gonna try to get at least 3 posts in a week, even if they are just random musings, otherwise, I’m worried this blog may just end up falling by the wayside.

So here we go.

By the gods is it warm today, I think summer is finally hitting the wonderful shores of Guernsey, and I really should be taking advantage of living no more than half an hour drive away from any beach, but instead, I’m hiding away at home, just revelling in the chance to be Mel while I can. One of my aims is to hit the beach in Mel mode by the end of the summer, as we always have our traditional “Send Off The Summer” barbecue during the August bank holiday at a secluded little beach on the north coast that is rarely frequented by other people, mainly so we can have a few drinks and make as much noise as we like. So with that in mind, I’m being taken shopping on Friday by a few mates for some summery clothes, and I’ve also been warned that a night on the town will be looming come July, which I’m looking forward to, and apprehensive about. But I’m gonna trust them and leave it in their capable hands, it just means I won’t be going anywhere near my local that night.

In other news, my back is now more or less fully repaired now, wich means I’m no longer high as a kite on painkillers half the time, which is a big plus lol. Other than that, I’m just hiding inside away from the heat and playing on Skyrim and listening to my old playlist from last summer. If I had to choose my favourite tune to listen to in the sun it would have to go to this great track from the Mighty Bosstones.

Till Next Time


Mel xxxx

Some questions answered

Hey all.

So I’m writing this post to answer a few questions that my friends have asked me in recent days. If you fancy you could post your answers in the comments if you have any.

1)How long have you felt this way about wanting to be a woman?

This was surprisingly easy to answer for me. The earliest I can remember is from when I was around 12/13 years old (that’s over 10 years ago now, crikey) sneaking clothes from our fancy dress box in the attic to try on. I can remember hiding them under my mattress at the time, and used to wear  them whenever my family was out the house. As I recall my favourite piece at the time, was a slinky black dress kinda thing, don’t know what happened to that, wich is a shame as it would probably fit me a bit better now.

2) Why are you moving forward with it now, rather than earlier, or waiting?

Honestly, the job I have now really helps accommodate it time wise. I’m finished by lunchtime during the week, so I always have the house to myself, giving me more time to experiment, and mess around with things more than I could even a year ago, and I can;t say what the situation will be like further down the line.

3) How far are you planning on taking this.

This one is a bit tough, for the moment, I’m happy where I am. Having only just recently shown Mel to people in the flesh rather than through photo’s online. I’m still considering other possibilities for a few years down the line, once I’ve properly come out to my family etc. So I guess for now, anything’s possible (I couldn’t be more vague on this one eh :P)

and now for my favourite one that I’ve been asked recently

4) Can I take you shopping?

Yes, yes you can, because A) I can be a bit of a coward and chicken out in the shop, and B)I’m absolutely clueless half the time.


Anyway, that’s that for now, just thought I’d share these things with you. If you’ve got any question you wanna ask me, feel free, and if you want to share your answers to any of these question, just stick em in the comments

till next time


Mel xxxxx

Really sorry

Hey guys,

Just a quick one to apologise for me being absent for almost three weeks-ish now. unfortunately I’ve had family home so I haven;t had much chance to get into Mel mode recently, that and I’ve been spaced out on painkillers for the last week and a half after tearing a ligament in my back (big ouch).

Anyway, there was a big developement for me a few weeks ago. I finally let my fiancée, and a few of my friends, finally see Mel in the flesh, and it went much better than I could have hoped for (seeing as I was expecting torches and pitchforks at any moment :S).

Other than that, not a lot else has happened except for me breaking myself, this was my first day back to work, and my first afternoon with an empty house, so double yays on both counts. Now I just need payday to roll around, and I can get some new stuff.

Til next time

Mel xxxx

Waiting Sucks

Hey all

As you can probably tell from the title, I’m still waiting for my stuff to arrive, wich is odd, cause the site I use doesn’t normally take this long, still, hopefully should turn up tomorrow, if not it may arrive saturday when my parents are home and I won’t be able to try it on till Tuesday (what with monday being a bank holiday here).

Aaaaaaaanyway, just thought I’d let you know I’ve had a second attempt at some makeup, and I’m pleased with the results, even though I still have no foundation and you can see a bit of stubble. I found it helps to have a certain look to go for, so I at least had some Idea what I wanted. See for yourself and lemme know what you think.

Anyways, that’s all from me for today, can’t wait for my week off next week when I can spend most of 3 whole days in Mel mode (Monday and Wednesday being Bank holidays, so people will be home)


Mel xxxxx

Crafting a new look

Hey guys

I’ve really got to get out of this habit of disappearing for days on end, really sorry.

Anyway, this is just a quick post to say, I’ve decided to change my look around a bit, I’ve ordered some new clothes, a bit different to what I currently have, including (and this is a first for me) a matching set of underwear. I already have a couple of pairs of boy-short type undies wich I wear to work under my uniform, but this will be my first proper bra besides the one which came with my forms. I’ve also got a new wig, wich is styled a bit more rock-chick wich fits more with my personality than the more ‘serious’ one I normally wear. As before I’m really impressed with the site I used, ordered it Saturday night, and It arrived at lunch today, wich is pretty damn good to say it had to cross the Channel.

Anyway, once my entire ensemble is here I’ll update you all (hopefully tomorrow or thursday) and show you a couple of pics. Still no more experimenting with make-up yet, but I’ve been letting my nails grow out a bit, so may try some varnish soon.

Also I’m finding it more and more easier to slip into Mel mode, and I’ve even caught myself walking and moving in a more feminine manner, so once I’ve got the voice sorted (I’m still struggling at the mo) I may even venture further afield than my back garden (though not for a while yet)

Anyway, that’s all for now.


Mel xxx