Really sorry

Hey guys,

Just a quick one to apologise for me being absent for almost three weeks-ish now. unfortunately I’ve had family home so I haven;t had much chance to get into Mel mode recently, that and I’ve been spaced out on painkillers for the last week and a half after tearing a ligament in my back (big ouch).

Anyway, there was a big developement for me a few weeks ago. I finally let my fiancée, and a few of my friends, finally see Mel in the flesh, and it went much better than I could have hoped for (seeing as I was expecting torches and pitchforks at any moment :S).

Other than that, not a lot else has happened except for me breaking myself, this was my first day back to work, and my first afternoon with an empty house, so double yays on both counts. Now I just need payday to roll around, and I can get some new stuff.

Til next time

Mel xxxx


2 thoughts on “Really sorry

  1. Never a need to apologize, hun. I’m pleased your fiancee and your friends were accepting of you. Really, as long as those close to us take the time to understand, that’s all we can really ask for.

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