Some questions answered

Hey all.

So I’m writing this post to answer a few questions that my friends have asked me in recent days. If you fancy you could post your answers in the comments if you have any.

1)How long have you felt this way about wanting to be a woman?

This was surprisingly easy to answer for me. The earliest I can remember is from when I was around 12/13 years old (that’s over 10 years ago now, crikey) sneaking clothes from our fancy dress box in the attic to try on. I can remember hiding them under my mattress at the time, and used to wear  them whenever my family was out the house. As I recall my favourite piece at the time, was a slinky black dress kinda thing, don’t know what happened to that, wich is a shame as it would probably fit me a bit better now.

2) Why are you moving forward with it now, rather than earlier, or waiting?

Honestly, the job I have now really helps accommodate it time wise. I’m finished by lunchtime during the week, so I always have the house to myself, giving me more time to experiment, and mess around with things more than I could even a year ago, and I can;t say what the situation will be like further down the line.

3) How far are you planning on taking this.

This one is a bit tough, for the moment, I’m happy where I am. Having only just recently shown Mel to people in the flesh rather than through photo’s online. I’m still considering other possibilities for a few years down the line, once I’ve properly come out to my family etc. So I guess for now, anything’s possible (I couldn’t be more vague on this one eh :P)

and now for my favourite one that I’ve been asked recently

4) Can I take you shopping?

Yes, yes you can, because A) I can be a bit of a coward and chicken out in the shop, and B)I’m absolutely clueless half the time.


Anyway, that’s that for now, just thought I’d share these things with you. If you’ve got any question you wanna ask me, feel free, and if you want to share your answers to any of these question, just stick em in the comments

till next time


Mel xxxxx


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