Big bag o’ swag

Good Evening everybody

Hope you Uk lot are looking forward to this extra long weekend, some of us have work tomorrow 😦

Aaaaaanyway, I got paid today, and finally had the courage to actually go shopping, albeit with my fiancée, and I’ve bout an entire new outfit. I’ve only just got home to discover that my brother is out for the night again, yay! So I’m sitting here, as Mel, with most of my new things on, and feeling damn fine about it 🙂

So “what did you buy Mel?” I hear you possibly ask. Take a look!

oh, and yes, that is make-up on the leg of the jeans there. That’s the stuff I’m not wearing at this precise moment, just because I don’t really have time to start trying it out tonight seeing as I have to be off to bed soon, I’m up at 5 (it’s now 8pm).

It was an interesting experience to say the least, as well as nerve-wracking. Every time my fiancée, (we’ll call her K for now) showed me something, or asked me what I was looking for I panicked, thinking that everyone around me would cotton on and ready the torch/pitchfork combo, and that was just the clothes, never mind the make-up wich was at the back of some tiny little shop and she was putting foundation on my arm. I’m surprised it stayed the amount I was sweating with nerves.

One final thing before I go off and enjoy my evening alone is that I’ve started watching “My transsexual Summer” on 4OD seeing as I missed it the first time round. If you’ve never seen it, I’d highly recommend it. Was stunned to find out that one of the girls was from my home sister Isle, Jersey, although she’s moved away now it still gives me hope that there are others somewhere on these little rocks, and I’ll try to seek them out.

Anyways that’s all for today, and here’s a song to play you out for your weekend. It’s called “My Song” and it’s written and performed by a good friend of mine, a perfect little tune to laze in the evening sun, or watch it set.


Mel xxx


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