Bank Holiday Hi-jinks

Hello again all.

Got some big news today that happened over the long weekend.

First of all, two more friends have now seen Mel, and not only that, along with my fiancée (K), helped give me some make-up tips with the things I bought last Friday. Unfortunately I’m still waiting on the photos to be emailed to me (I forgot to take my camera, but i’ll stick em up here when I get em). Anyway, we had a few drinks etc, then I decided I’d walk home in Mel mode (it was something stupid like 2 in the morning so I knew there was hardly any chance of being seen.  So K and I started to walk back to mine when the heavens opened and we had no choice but to call a taxi. “Oh crap” I thought, seeing as there was no way I was de-Mel-ing in the rain, but it was way to heavy to walk in. Eventually the taxi came and I just held my head forward so my wig hid my face until we were in the car and the lights were off again.

Anyway after a 10 minute nerve-wracking drive we reached the garage by where I live, and the rain had eased off. The driver then turned around to us and said “Just here ok girls?”

My heart stopped

“Did he just say what I think he said? I thought to myself in disbelief, It was confirmed by a quiet squee from K sat next to me. I handed over the money without opening my mouth and hurriedly left the taxi, hiding my make-up covered face again.

Now this would have been the perfect end to the night If we hadn’t got back to mine to discover that my brother had left his key in the door, effectively locking us out. I sat in my car and desperately started rubbing the make-up off my face, stuffed my wig into my bag and threw my hoodie on over the top of what I was wearing, thankfully I was in my jeans albeit the  very skinny ones) and then rang the doorbell, house phone and his mobile until he finally let us in and I sped upstairs , hoping he didn’t notice said jeans.

All in all a very eventful  Sunday. So now, I’ve had the house to myself again, and decided to try out what I was shown, still not A+ material yet, but getting there I feel.

as always, lemme know your thoughts in the comments




One thought on “Bank Holiday Hi-jinks

  1. I think that sounds like a lovely time and I am so glad you ate finding it easier to share yourself with friends and that you have such a supportive fiancé ..the only thing that makes me sad in this story is that you don’t seem comfortable with your brother knowing and feel you have to hide who your are.. But everyone in their own time and in their own way and I hope your journey continues to be an exciting and liberating one! Best luck Mel!

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