They call me Mel-low yellow

Hey All

Hooray, finally have an to myself where I’m not running around trying to sort out loans/bank accounts/ rent money or all of the above. It feels like forever since the last time I could properly be Mel. Still once the flat is sorted I’ll be able to stay like this past 5 pm because there’ll be no family coming home except K, and she thankfully knows. Although I have fallen out of practice with the old make-up, looks a bit squiffy today :S

Still I’m amazed at how relaxed I’m feeling now I’m dressed this way again, considering how crappy/hectic the last few weeks have been. It’s all seemingly washed away now. Hopefully things will stay at this level for the next few months at least, until something else comes along (I know what is coming but I’m sworn to secrecy at the moment 😦 )

Also my birthday is coming up next month (25 on the 30th July) and I’m having a massive fancy dress bash. Not comfortable going as Mel to that yet, think the first test run for that will be Halloween. Anyway, I’ve just ordered my costume for it, wich can be found here if anyone’s interested. Who knows, maybe Mel may stop by for the pre-lash beforehand, depends on which friends are there at the time, and if we’re in the new flat by then.

Anyway, I’m off to do a bit of drawing, which is something else that helps to relax me.


Mel xxxxxx



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