*insert clever title here*

Hey all.

By the gods I’m flipping shattered again, haven’t been up all night this time though, just spent most of the afternoon packing up my plethora of books and DVDs ready to move into my new flat at the weekend.

A quick update from Monday though, it got to about half 5 in the evening and I thought I’d give in and get my head down for an hour or so, just to re-charge so I could go to bed properly at a reasonable hour. I partially de-Melled, basically just taking of anything on my top half, and leaving my lower half still in my underwear and skinny jeans. I clambered under the covers, and the next thing I know it’s half 4 Tuesday morning, and my alarms are going off. Had not intended that! Really hoping nobody came in room and saw anything (I tend to stick one leg out of my covers when I sleep). Nothing’s been said, so I think I got away with it, thankfully I made sure I put everything away before I dozed off for nearly 11 hours :S

As I said, above, the big move is this weekend, should all go to plan and we get our keys on Friday, so that’ll be a nice bonus to be able to spend more time as Mel without fear of parents of siblings walking in on me at any moment. I’m just a tad annoyed I’ve only had an hour or so respite today to actually dress up, especially seeing as I bought a lovely new vest-type top yesterday, and I really want to wear it 😦 still taking a break tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll get some photos up to show you ^_^

Anyway, that’s all for today


Mel xxxxx


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