Possible image change

Hey all

So, here’s the thing, I’m thinking of maybe buying a new wig, and I know I want to try a different colour other than the dark brown ones I already have, and possibly go a tad bit longer than shoulder length. I’ve found a few that I like, maybe you could give me your thoughts on them, if you have a spare moment.

I should aso hopefully be getting some new clothes soon, seeing as I’ve almost got over my fear of buying them from a shop, and we’ve just had a new branch of George open up over here, and I’ve seen some nice things in there for quite cheap, which is handy.

till next time


Mel xxxx


2 thoughts on “Possible image change

  1. It’s a bit difficult to make a recommendation, you have to take into account your facial shape as well as your coloring. If your just asking what I think is attractie… well, the first is a style I like because of the bangs. I love long bangs. The third looks more like a cos play wig, and the fourth just looks like a costume wig so I can’t recommend either of them. The second… well, I don’t know. The bust they use to model it give me the willies…

  2. I think either the 3rd or 4th one would go well with you. That’s only based off of what I know about your personality and your face from memory. You strike me as wild & outgoing. So I think your hair style should reflect that kind of edge rather than prim & proper. Hope that helps~ : )

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