Back once again

Hey all

been a very long time, very long indeed, for which I can only apologise.

How are you all?

I’ve been keeping well, although things are a tad hectic at the moment, hence the lack of activity on here. Still, nice to get back into it every once in while. Kinda like slipping into a comfy pair of shoes, if you know what I mean.

I also logged onto my twitter for the first time in ages yesterday and found that my followers had jumped up to an incredible 85. I was almost blown away and kinda felt like I needed to say something intelligent (which I didn’t).

I’ve been practicing my make-up again today, but alas the ability to apply eye-liner still eludes me, and I normally end up with a nice line across my eye lid, which is a massive pain. Has anybody got any tips for this? Everything else I seem to have got the knack of now.

‘ all I really have to say (you’d have thought there would have been more after so long), although I will try my best to post here more frequently I can’t guarantee anything.
So till next time


Mel xxx


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