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Belated and Early wishes

Hello all

Back again, hoping you all had a great christmas (late I know) and wishing you guys all the best in the new year and that it’s as good, or better than this one. It’s been a crazy one for me.

Right back at the begginning of 2012 I would never have dreamed I’d be where I am now, in life and with Mel, seeing as she wasn’t really fully formed back then. It wierd to think back about how thats changed. I’ve gotten more confident about it, I’ve told close friends, even shown a select few. I’m wearing make-up, and may have actually gotten the hang of  my nemesis eyeliner (pics below), and have had the balls (so to speak) to even go into shops and buy clothes for myself.

Life wise has been just a crazy, moving out of my parents house was a big shock, but not as big as finding out my lovely fiancee is pregnant (not long to go now either :S exciting)

So here’s to all you, enjoy your New Years and I’ll see on the other side


Mel xxx