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more costume fun

Hey all.

Hope you all had a good new years. Anyway, had a bit of time to myself today and thought I’d have a bit of fun in the costume box. Got out my Dante costume from birthday last year and tried it on to see if it complimented a female figure. Strangely does, but what I found stranger was that the wig I had, wich looks crap on me as a guy, wierdly suits me as a girl. I’ll let you decide anyway (pics below).

Also my lovely fiancee was selling of a load of her clothes and gave a couple to me wich was nice. Only got pics of one cause the other one was kinda see through and I didn’t realise till I took the photos off the camera.

Annyway, TTFN

Mel xxx

RSCN0089 ladydante RSCN0102