About Me

Well, like I’ve said already I’m 24 and just started properly experimenting with crossdressing. I’ve been dabbling here and there since I was about 16.

I live in the channel islands (between england and france) and I have a fiancee of almost 2 years, who is somewhat aware of my experiments. My family however does not.

I work as a baker in a local supermarket, and enjoy writing or playing videogames in my spare time. I’m also the singer for a classic rock band.

Guess thats for now, if you wanna know more just leave a comment

Mel xxx

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One thought on “About Me

  1. I saw you and your blog when you were RT onto my timeline and this is a plea in a way. I have tried to have reasoned debate on twitter to find out more about trans people and their issues. Sadly I am met with more often than not accusations of bigotry. This upsets me, but worst of all it means I never get to learn anything.

    Partly I blame twitter, lets face it 140 characters is not enough for this kind of thing and my dyslexia and struggle with written English. For example incorrectly using the word choosing led to some nasty stuff.

    What I want is to share emails with/speak to or ideally meet with someone who can enlighten me. I don’t know any trans people and hate feeling ignorant on such an important issue.

    I hope this makes sense, I wish you all the best, even if you don’t reply. I have the notify box ticked

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