Belated and Early wishes

Hello all

Back again, hoping you all had a great christmas (late I know) and wishing you guys all the best in the new year and that it’s as good, or better than this one. It’s been a crazy one for me.

Right back at the begginning of 2012 I would never have dreamed I’d be where I am now, in life and with Mel, seeing as she wasn’t really fully formed back then. It wierd to think back about how thats changed. I’ve gotten more confident about it, I’ve told close friends, even shown a select few. I’m wearing make-up, and may have actually gotten the hang of  my nemesis eyeliner (pics below), and have had the balls (so to speak) to even go into shops and buy clothes for myself.

Life wise has been just a crazy, moving out of my parents house was a big shock, but not as big as finding out my lovely fiancee is pregnant (not long to go now either :S exciting)

So here’s to all you, enjoy your New Years and I’ll see on the other side


Mel xxx




Back online, and feeling fine!

Hey all, miss me?

Finally got an internet connection sorted in the flat, so I’m back, yay.

this is also my first time as Mel here, as my fiancee found it a bit too unnerving the firs time I dressed up here, so it was for all of about 5 mins, but she gave me thisafternoon to do whatever, so here I am letting you know all is well.

Unfortunately I have not been outside the flat dressed up, as we don’t have a back garden here, and our front door leeds right out onto one of the main highstreets, so no chance yet :S. Although I’ve no reason to pop outside now as I’ve been ciggy free for 5 days now, so i’m a ratty, but otherwise feeling good.

Thats all I’ve really got to say at the moment.

So till next time

Mel xxxx

New outfits… on film!?!

Afternoon all

Just enjoying a peaceful (HA!) afternoon packing up my stuff whilst dressed up (only chance I’ve got at the moment) and whilst taking a break I’d thought I’d show you my two new tops, jeans, and shoes. Unfortunately my little camera is now at the bottom of a box somewhere, so all I was left with was my video camera. “why not?” I thought, so here’s a quick vid (no talking in it tho) to show off yesterdays purchases. Excuse the slightly manly movements, but I’m flipping shattered, and not used to these shoes yet 😛

Anyway, back to the packing 😦


Mel xxx

*insert clever title here*

Hey all.

By the gods I’m flipping shattered again, haven’t been up all night this time though, just spent most of the afternoon packing up my plethora of books and DVDs ready to move into my new flat at the weekend.

A quick update from Monday though, it got to about half 5 in the evening and I thought I’d give in and get my head down for an hour or so, just to re-charge so I could go to bed properly at a reasonable hour. I partially de-Melled, basically just taking of anything on my top half, and leaving my lower half still in my underwear and skinny jeans. I clambered under the covers, and the next thing I know it’s half 4 Tuesday morning, and my alarms are going off. Had not intended that! Really hoping nobody came in room and saw anything (I tend to stick one leg out of my covers when I sleep). Nothing’s been said, so I think I got away with it, thankfully I made sure I put everything away before I dozed off for nearly 11 hours :S

As I said, above, the big move is this weekend, should all go to plan and we get our keys on Friday, so that’ll be a nice bonus to be able to spend more time as Mel without fear of parents of siblings walking in on me at any moment. I’m just a tad annoyed I’ve only had an hour or so respite today to actually dress up, especially seeing as I bought a lovely new vest-type top yesterday, and I really want to wear it 😦 still taking a break tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll get some photos up to show you ^_^

Anyway, that’s all for today


Mel xxxxx

Monday Blues

Hey all

First things first let me warn you I’m absolutely exhausted. We had a stock take at work last night which is compulsory for every member of staff, and it started at half 9 in the evening, and went on into the early hours of the morning, which would have been fine if I didn’t have to get up at 5am to go in for my normal 6am shift. I got home around half 2, and didn’t see any point in going to sleep for 2 and a half hours, so I’ve been up all night. I would have got some kip this afternoon had I not been sorting out flat stuff, but hopefully this means we should be moving in this weekend :D.

I’m making the most of my last hour alone today as Mel, albeit half-arsedly, haven’t really shaved since yesterday, and I’ve no make-up on, but meh, we’re all allowed those days right? This is also my first time without my padded shorts on, and I must say I feel more comfortable without them, even If I don’t have my usual curves. Still it’s enough to be sitting here talking to you guys before playing some more Skyrim (just downloaded the new Dawnguard expansion, and it’s AMAZING!)

In other news, I’ve almost finished my big arty poster I’ve been working on for the last few weeks, then I can get on and colour the thing, unless I find something else to add like I did the other day.

Also I find I’ve become a bit obsessed with the new female trainer from the upcoming Pokemon Black and White 2 as I really like the style of her outfit, and she seems to be the most mature female protagonist yet. Can you guess why? I’m considering this for an upcoming birthday in September, If I can get the right parts that is.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for today, hopefully I can fully Mel out tomorrow, still need more make-up practice. So till then….


Mel xxxxx


They call me Mel-low yellow

Hey All

Hooray, finally have an to myself where I’m not running around trying to sort out loans/bank accounts/ rent money or all of the above. It feels like forever since the last time I could properly be Mel. Still once the flat is sorted I’ll be able to stay like this past 5 pm because there’ll be no family coming home except K, and she thankfully knows. Although I have fallen out of practice with the old make-up, looks a bit squiffy today :S

Still I’m amazed at how relaxed I’m feeling now I’m dressed this way again, considering how crappy/hectic the last few weeks have been. It’s all seemingly washed away now. Hopefully things will stay at this level for the next few months at least, until something else comes along (I know what is coming but I’m sworn to secrecy at the moment 😦 )

Also my birthday is coming up next month (25 on the 30th July) and I’m having a massive fancy dress bash. Not comfortable going as Mel to that yet, think the first test run for that will be Halloween. Anyway, I’ve just ordered my costume for it, wich can be found here if anyone’s interested. Who knows, maybe Mel may stop by for the pre-lash beforehand, depends on which friends are there at the time, and if we’re in the new flat by then.

Anyway, I’m off to do a bit of drawing, which is something else that helps to relax me.


Mel xxxxxx


Dream a little dream

Afternoon all.

So, I had the house to myself all night last night, as my parents are away in Malta for the week (all right for some eh) and my brother was off at a house party and staying there, so I thought I’d try something a little different. I slept as Mel. I put on my foam sleep forms, my wig, and a nightie I’d borrowed from my fiancée, and spent a whole night as Mel. It was an unusual way to wake up, but I think I had probably one of the best nights sleep in a while. The weirdest thing was, that I also had my first dream (that I can recall) where I saw myself as Mel rather than my male self, so the question is… does anybody else have this. How do you see yourself when you dream, because I’m finding this a really interesting concept, so I will be trying this again tonight to see if the same thing happens again (luckily I have excellent dream recall).

Anyway, that’s all for now


Mel xxx

P.S. My Song for the day is from my fave band of all time, The Barenaked Ladies