more costume fun

Hey all.

Hope you all had a good new years. Anyway, had a bit of time to myself today and thought I’d have a bit of fun in the costume box. Got out my Dante costume from birthday last year and tried it on to see if it complimented a female figure. Strangely does, but what I found stranger was that the wig I had, wich looks crap on me as a guy, wierdly suits me as a girl. I’ll let you decide anyway (pics below).

Also my lovely fiancee was selling of a load of her clothes and gave a couple to me wich was nice. Only got pics of one cause the other one was kinda see through and I didn’t realise till I took the photos off the camera.

Annyway, TTFN

Mel xxx

RSCN0089 ladydante RSCN0102


Possible image change

Hey all

So, here’s the thing, I’m thinking of maybe buying a new wig, and I know I want to try a different colour other than the dark brown ones I already have, and possibly go a tad bit longer than shoulder length. I’ve found a few that I like, maybe you could give me your thoughts on them, if you have a spare moment.

I should aso hopefully be getting some new clothes soon, seeing as I’ve almost got over my fear of buying them from a shop, and we’ve just had a new branch of George open up over here, and I’ve seen some nice things in there for quite cheap, which is handy.

till next time


Mel xxxx

New outfits… on film!?!

Afternoon all

Just enjoying a peaceful (HA!) afternoon packing up my stuff whilst dressed up (only chance I’ve got at the moment) and whilst taking a break I’d thought I’d show you my two new tops, jeans, and shoes. Unfortunately my little camera is now at the bottom of a box somewhere, so all I was left with was my video camera. “why not?” I thought, so here’s a quick vid (no talking in it tho) to show off yesterdays purchases. Excuse the slightly manly movements, but I’m flipping shattered, and not used to these shoes yet 😛

Anyway, back to the packing 😦


Mel xxx

Sunday Photos

Hey all,

this is just a quicky to show you the photos I mentioned in my last post. The ones from the Sunday night at my friends house where I was shown how to use make-up etc. Enjoy ^_^

Big bag o’ swag

Good Evening everybody

Hope you Uk lot are looking forward to this extra long weekend, some of us have work tomorrow 😦

Aaaaaanyway, I got paid today, and finally had the courage to actually go shopping, albeit with my fiancée, and I’ve bout an entire new outfit. I’ve only just got home to discover that my brother is out for the night again, yay! So I’m sitting here, as Mel, with most of my new things on, and feeling damn fine about it 🙂

So “what did you buy Mel?” I hear you possibly ask. Take a look!

oh, and yes, that is make-up on the leg of the jeans there. That’s the stuff I’m not wearing at this precise moment, just because I don’t really have time to start trying it out tonight seeing as I have to be off to bed soon, I’m up at 5 (it’s now 8pm).

It was an interesting experience to say the least, as well as nerve-wracking. Every time my fiancée, (we’ll call her K for now) showed me something, or asked me what I was looking for I panicked, thinking that everyone around me would cotton on and ready the torch/pitchfork combo, and that was just the clothes, never mind the make-up wich was at the back of some tiny little shop and she was putting foundation on my arm. I’m surprised it stayed the amount I was sweating with nerves.

One final thing before I go off and enjoy my evening alone is that I’ve started watching “My transsexual Summer” on 4OD seeing as I missed it the first time round. If you’ve never seen it, I’d highly recommend it. Was stunned to find out that one of the girls was from my home sister Isle, Jersey, although she’s moved away now it still gives me hope that there are others somewhere on these little rocks, and I’ll try to seek them out.

Anyways that’s all for today, and here’s a song to play you out for your weekend. It’s called “My Song” and it’s written and performed by a good friend of mine, a perfect little tune to laze in the evening sun, or watch it set.


Mel xxx

Waiting Sucks

Hey all

As you can probably tell from the title, I’m still waiting for my stuff to arrive, wich is odd, cause the site I use doesn’t normally take this long, still, hopefully should turn up tomorrow, if not it may arrive saturday when my parents are home and I won’t be able to try it on till Tuesday (what with monday being a bank holiday here).

Aaaaaaaanyway, just thought I’d let you know I’ve had a second attempt at some makeup, and I’m pleased with the results, even though I still have no foundation and you can see a bit of stubble. I found it helps to have a certain look to go for, so I at least had some Idea what I wanted. See for yourself and lemme know what you think.

Anyways, that’s all from me for today, can’t wait for my week off next week when I can spend most of 3 whole days in Mel mode (Monday and Wednesday being Bank holidays, so people will be home)


Mel xxxxx

Crafting a new look

Hey guys

I’ve really got to get out of this habit of disappearing for days on end, really sorry.

Anyway, this is just a quick post to say, I’ve decided to change my look around a bit, I’ve ordered some new clothes, a bit different to what I currently have, including (and this is a first for me) a matching set of underwear. I already have a couple of pairs of boy-short type undies wich I wear to work under my uniform, but this will be my first proper bra besides the one which came with my forms. I’ve also got a new wig, wich is styled a bit more rock-chick wich fits more with my personality than the more ‘serious’ one I normally wear. As before I’m really impressed with the site I used, ordered it Saturday night, and It arrived at lunch today, wich is pretty damn good to say it had to cross the Channel.

Anyway, once my entire ensemble is here I’ll update you all (hopefully tomorrow or thursday) and show you a couple of pics. Still no more experimenting with make-up yet, but I’ve been letting my nails grow out a bit, so may try some varnish soon.

Also I’m finding it more and more easier to slip into Mel mode, and I’ve even caught myself walking and moving in a more feminine manner, so once I’ve got the voice sorted (I’m still struggling at the mo) I may even venture further afield than my back garden (though not for a while yet)

Anyway, that’s all for now.


Mel xxx